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2018 Schedule | Ndlhsoc | Rochdale


September 2018 "life in the slow lane with Fred Dibnah"a talk by Alf Molyneux .

October 2018 History of Heywood Mills by Chris Dawson.

November 2018 The history of Greenbooth a talk by Val Corns .

December 2018 A short AGM followed by :A light hearted talk on the introduction of teaching local history in a secondary school . Delivered by Mike Brennan and Alistair


January 2018 Brian Carline -"Tripe and trotters"

February 2018 Mike Brennan -"Rochdale a radical town."

March 2018 Mike Winstanley -"200 years of shopping in Lancashire"

April 2018 Richard Lord -"Virtual Rochdale 1900"

May 2018 -"Steve Gills-History of Photography.



June 2018 Peter Watson -"A peck of dirt"

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