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2018 Schedule | Ndlhsoc | Rochdale

January 7th -Kathy Fishwick .
The historical architecture of pubs.
February 4th -Brian Clegg .
Recollections Of Bamford and its Heritage.
March 4th --Sue Southward .
History of Healey Dell.
April 1st --Jackie Mafi .
Memories and little known facts about sweets.
May 13th -David Hudson .
The History of the Post Office in Old Rochdale Letters - dating back to 1730 & earlier.
June 3rd -Bill Aldridge .
The growth of the coal /gas industry.

‘THE COAL GAS INDUSTRY’ – This talk will detail the growth from fledgling industry to maturity of one of the UK’s major public utilities.

From small beginnings in lighting a single house back in 1792, the coal gas industry grew into a multi-million pound business supplying fuel to industry and commerce whilst keeping houses warm and toasty.  The talk will cover the growth of the industry through to the use of natural gas and will explain, amongst many other items why ’Blue Billy’ was a problem, what ‘Rat’s Tails’ were and how important ‘Siphon Wells’ were.

2nd September 19  - PAT OSBORNE       ‘Anne Lister of Shibden Hall – A fascinating Story’
7th October 19   -   DR STEPHEN CAUNCE – ‘You Always Remember Your Co-op Number’ – The Amazing Rise of the People’s Own Shops
4th November 19  -  HANNAH HAYNES  - ‘ROCHDALE – A Press Photographer’s View’ – Clifford Ashton was a local freelance press photographer who died in 2008 at the age of 94.  Hannah published a book about Rochdale using only Clifford’s photographs.  The photographs cover events in Rochdale and the changing face of Rochdale over a period of 50 years from the 1930’s to the 1980’s. In this presentation she will share with us a small proportion of the photographs which are in the book.
2nd December 19  -  VAL CORNS – ‘The Traditions of Christmas and Christmas through the Ages’
NB//  Further details of the December meeting to follow nearer the time.
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